Couple Portrait Session in L'Alpe D'Huez -French Alps I don't know how it is for you, but a snowy wedding in the mountains makes me dream ! Okay, for this snowy

Snowy Photoshoot in Paris

Is it SNOW ?

Yes, it is ! 

As you may know, having snow near Paris does not happen often, and when it happens, it means a lot of problems for all of us, especially traffic jam ! But, it is so BEAUTIFUL

Of course, this was a really good reason...

Downtown Las Vegas Engagement Session

You may have guessed : we LOVE travelling !  

Travelling AND taking pictures ! 

Today, we are sharing a couple portraits session in Las vegas. 

We had decided to organise that session aroung the amazing murals that can be found in...

Photoshoot in Las vegas

As you may know, we absolutely LOVE travelling ! And we love shooting couples while we are travelling.

Today, we are going to LAS VEGAS with G. & C. ! 

Far from the strip and all the stereotypes of the one called "Sin City", we organised a session...

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