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Last year, we offered photoshoots in London, Las Vegas, the French Alps and Scotland

As we are globe trotters, we absolutely love to organize couple shoots in the various destinations we are visiting...

Babymoon in Paris

We organised this pregnancy photoshoot in Paris in the last days of C. 's pregancy. It was a way for this couple to keep memories of this season of their life in Paris. We had a lot of fun during the session, and the term of this pregancy was so close...

Intimate Wedding in Paris by the Eiffel Tower

It was the first time T & R came to France. They came from Hawaï with family and friends to celebrate their vows renewal in Paris. What a dreamy destination vows renewal ! I think they were as excited as they were when they...

After their wedding ceremony during their elopement in Paris, M. & B. chose to have another photoshoot session : a night session.  A night session is a different way to make pictures and memories.

Love Story : A Parisian Elopement M. & T. came from the USA to exchange their vows in Paris, by the Eiffel Tower

Elopement in Pavillon de Musique de la Comtesse du Barry

N. & P. came from the USA to celebrate their love during an intimate wedding in a French Chateau near Paris, the Pavillon de Musique de la Comtesse du Barry. 

P. had proposed N. a few months ago in Paris. They coul...

An Engagement Session in Scotland - Loch Ness

I think we will never get bored saying that : we LOVE to travel!  

During our trip to Scotland, where we discovered the highlands and Skye, we had planned an engagement session with V. & S., a beautiful scottish couple. 


Exchange of Vows by the Eiffel Tower M&B came from the USA and chose Paris for their elopement. We started early in the morning, to be able to shoot at sunrise,

Elopement in Paris on a Rooftop With a view on the Sacré-Coeur What do you think about a wedding on a rooftop in the beautiful city of Paris ?

Couple Portrait Session in L'Alpe D'Huez -French Alps I don't know how it is for you, but a snowy wedding in the mountains makes me dream ! Okay, for this snowy

Snowy Photoshoot in Paris

Is it SNOW ?

Yes, it is ! 

As you may know, having snow near Paris does not happen often, and when it happens, it means a lot of problems for all of us, especially traffic jam ! But, it is so BEAUTIFUL

Of course, this was a really good reason...

Downtown Las Vegas Engagement Session

You may have guessed : we LOVE travelling !  

Travelling AND taking pictures ! 

Today, we are sharing a couple portraits session in Las vegas. 

We had decided to organise that session aroung the amazing murals that can be found in...

Elopement & Couple Portraits in the Beaufiful City of Paris

H. & P. came from the United States to get married in Paris ! It is true that our city of Paris makes a lot of people dream... It is synonymous to romanticism and is overflowed with amazing places.... 

H. & P. g...

Exchange of vows in Paris

M. & M. came from the USA to get married in Paris ! 

The wedding day began in the hotel room where M. & her bridesmaids got prepared for the ceremony. That time was really fun! The bride to be and her bridesmaids enjoyed their time together gett...

Photoshoot in Las vegas

As you may know, we absolutely LOVE travelling ! And we love shooting couples while we are travelling.

Today, we are going to LAS VEGAS with G. & C. ! 

Far from the strip and all the stereotypes of the one called "Sin City", we organised a session...

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