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Hi !

We are Pierre and Julia, together as a team of photographers, but also husband and wife !

Would that be a surprise if we told you that we were fond of photography ? Ok, that one was obvious. But we are also mad about travelling ! We even got re-married in Las Vegas.

As many other photographers, we've started our carreers with other jobs and finaly fell in love for wedding pictures and photography.

We get inspired by leading photographers from everywhere on the planet (fearless photographers, among others), but also from different indutries like fashion, familly portraits or even macro photography.

We love to perform a photoshoot in Paris, elopement in french riviera or provence as those regions are the most beautifull in France. There are other landscape we like to shoot, like snowy mountains, lakes or deserts ! While travelling, we use to shoot couples in the location we use to go to, just for fun and to get amazing images of couples.

If you are in a region we are planning to visit, please let us know ! We may have time to make a little shooting with you too !

Let's tell you a bit more about us.

We got immersed together in professionnal photography a few years ago, but it is during a wedding that the things felt into place ! The atmosphere is crazy, guests are happy, newlyweds are over the moon !

How could it be unpleasant to work in such conditions ? Sometimes, the 8 kilograms of cameras and lenses to carry on all day long, certainly… But it is nothing compared to the pride that we experience shooting and supplying beautiful pictures of our bride and groom’s life.

We always remain discreet but available, you can ask us to take a picture of you with a guest at any time. All that counts are your moments and your memories.

Our graal is capturing the happiest and most powerful moments of your lives : wedding, maternity, birth… We want to show you all those amazing times and we wish you to appreciate the results.

Feel free to contact us via the online form and take your time to visit our blog.


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Please tell you about your project, let it be a wedding, and elopement, or a couple portrait session. We love all projects, even the craziest ! 

Most of the time, you can expect us to answer with 48 hours. If you don't receive any answer, please check your spams. 

Do not be afraid to give us details : who you are, which style you see for your wedding, the ceremony type, if you wish to travel... ​



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